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Medical Concierge EMR™ is an integrated medical practice management and EMR system designed for the Medical Oncology practice, however is adaptable for any medical practice. Medical Concierge EMR™ was developed in and by an Oncology practice, thus able to address the unique practice and billing requirements of the Oncology office.

Oncology Specific

  • Customizable standard and clinical trial chemotherapy protocol templates categorized by cancer diagnosis.
  • Determines treatment cycle number, day and the drug doses for administration.
  • Critical value checking based on the most recent lab results.
  • Generates treatment calendars and administration flow-sheets with full documentation for billing capture.
  • Interfaces with Automated Drug Cabinet technology.

Dose Monitoring

  • Track lab-results for dose adjustments, e.g. INR’s and Warfarin.
  • Automated workflow for dose adjustment decisions between nurse, provider and
  • Generate dose/lab graphs to aid in dose adjustments.


  • Appointment columns organized by service (exam, treatment, lab draws) for each provider.
  • Add an appointment column for each treatment chair.
  • Document check-in/check-out times, create requisitions, document exam, treatment encounters and the complete chart all from the schedule with one click.

Task-based internal email ( ToDo's )

  • Communicate orders, questions, reminders, and tasks to physicians, nurses and all staff.
  • Role and carbon-copy addressing is supported.

Integrated Billing

  • Claims are created from billing queue that collects and displays the exams, treatments, labs, etc. performed for each date-of-service.
  • HIPAA-compliant electronic claim submission.
  • Automatically routes assigned chemotherapy protocols to billing for authorization before treatment can be given.


  • Complete e-prescribing support.
  • Drug-Drug interactions and allergy checking and alerts
  • Interfaced for inhouse dispensing.


Medical Concierge has been instrumental in our navigation practice for documentation. As a supervisor, I can run metrics on our volumes, barrier and referral summaries, outmigration and much more. This software has been asset to our practice!

Dominique SrdanovicNurse NavigatorStamford Hospital


Medical Concierge EMR

Is your EMR 2015 Edition certified?


This Health IT module(s) is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Drummond Group is accredited by ANSI and approved by ONC for the ONC Health IT Certification Program to certify: Health IT Module(s) and Certification of other types of Health IT for which the Secretary has adopted certification criteria under Subpart C of 45 CFR.

Vendor: Open Software Solutions, LLC
Date Certified: 06/25/2018
Product Version: Medical Concierge EMR 3.0
Certification No:
Modules Tested: 170.315 (a)(1-14); (b)(1-3, 6); (c)(1-4); (d)(1-10); (e)(1-3); (f)(1); (g)(2-9); (h)(1)
Clinical Quality Measures tested: 2v7; 68v7; 125v6; 138v6
Additional software used: NLM AccessGUDI API, Kno2

Costs and Limitations

Is the EMR only oncology specific?

No, the EMR is suitable for all physician practices.

Does the EMR track outstanding labs and X-rays?

The EMR tracks all labs and X-rays and alerts the staff for outstanding results.

How do you flag a stat encounter vs routine?

An internal message “to-do” pops up red in the EMR for all stat decisions and remains until the message is answered. A routine message is sent to appropriate person/department in chronological order and appears when it is sent and at user-login.

How is the EMR oncology specific?

The EMR tracks treatment cycles, determines treatment cycle number, day and drug dose, provides standard as well as customizable protocols by disease site with built in dose adjustment decisions between physician, nurse and patient. Alerts for critical minimum and maximum doses. Interfaces with Automated Drug Cabinet technology.

Is the EMR integrated with physician dispensing?

Scripts are routed electronically to the dispensing technician with built-in alerts for the next treatment cycle of therapy to help track patient compliance.

Does the EMR have e-scribing capabilities?

Yes, prescriptions are e-prescribed after drug-drug and drug-allergy checks are run.


Is the EMR integrated with billing?

The EMR is fully integrated with billing. All clinical encounters, chemo, exams and labs are captured and auto populated in the billing queue.

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