How Medical Concierge Navigator can help your Oncology Care Model trial tracking

The Oncology Care Model, a trial model put on by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, currently has over 190 participants in an alternative pay model for oncology physicians.

Medical Concierge Navigator, a complete navigation solution, is already configured to get the most out of your OCM tracking and help your practice adhere to the following Oncology Care Model requirements through easy to use software:


•      Provide and attest to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week patient access to an appropriate clinician who has real-time access to practice’s medical records.

•      Attestation and use of ONC-certified EHRs

•      Utilizing data for continuous quality improvement

•      Providing core functions of patient navigation

•      Documenting a care plan that contains the 13 components in the institute of Medicine Care Management Plan


Medical Concierge Navigator provides the answer to 4 of those 5 bullet points, and our ONC, ACB and meaningful use certified Medical Concierge EMR can help your practice attain all five of the OCM requirements.

Medical Concierge Navigator allows for easy tracking in a software designed by nurse navigators for nurse navigators. The software also makes you more efficient, by combining both the core functions of patient navigation and creating custom care plans for their needs. Instead of requiring navigators to both track the information and then type or enter it into care plans, the software dynamically generates the care plans based off of the information already tracked.


Here are the 13 components and how Medical Concierge Navigator can help your practice track them:

•      Patient information

Through our demographics tab and quick demographic information at the top of the patient chart their information is never more than a click away.

•      Diagnosis, including specific tissue information, relevant biomarkers and stage

•      Prognosis

•      Treatment goals

•      Initial plan for treatment and proposed duration, including specific chemotherapy drug names, doses, and schedule as well as surgery and radiation therapy

•      Expected response to treatment

•      Treatment benefits and harms

•      Information on quality of life and a patient’s likely experience with treatment

The Diagnosis/Treatment tracking portion of Medical Concierge Navigator provides the opportunity to track everything related to their diagnoses including specific diagnosis information, any treatment information as well as diagnostic procedures related to treatment. The site templates are customizable to whatever protocols you would like to put in the system. Our flexible template system allows very wide site-specific optimization.

•      Who will take responsibility for specific aspects of a patient’s care

When providers are assigned to a patient in Medical Concierge Navigator they are assigned by specialty and designed as such in both the patient file and care plans with their contact information, so patients would easily know which provider is suiting to each function of their care.

•      Advance care plans, including advanced directives and other legal documents

Our software contains an advance care tab that can be customized to track any set of documents or directives that are required along with easy file upload for easy viewing of those documents.

•      Estimated total and out-of-pocket costs of cancer treatment

With the ability to easily attach documents to contacts as well as specify contact types, a financial document could be attached and later tracked in the reporting function.

•      A plan for addressing a patient’s psychosocial health needs, including psychological, vocational, disability, legal or financial concerns and their management.

Our distress screening functions allows navigators and patients to easily identify potential barriers to care. After barriers are found, our intervention system allows easy tracking of referrals for intervention and the ability to track notes.

•      Survivorship care plans

At the click of a button in the patient file, either the navigator or the patient (in their patient portal) can generate a care plan at the click of a button. The dynamically generated care plans take a snapshot of the patients current charted information and compiles it into an easy to read and detailed care plan document.

Medical Concierge Navigator can help your practice tackle the tough tracking needs of the Oncology Care Model, give us a call at 563-884-4367, e-mail or click to schedule a demo today and find out more about how we can help you find a solution to your navigation needs.