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Medical Concierge Navigator™ is a web-based application that allows you to organize patient data in a single application. With Medical Concierge Navigator™ you don't need to juggle between multiple applications.


Medical Concierge has been instrumental in our navigation practice for documentation. As a supervisor, I can run metrics on our volumes, barrier and referral summaries, outmigration and much more. This software has been asset to our practice!

Dominique SrdanovicNurse NavigatorStamford Hospital

Medical Concierge is a good system for documenting barriers and resolutions with good adhoc reporting capabilities.

Terri SalterAdministrative Director, UABHS Cancer Community NetworkUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham Comprehensive Cancer CenterBirmingham AL

This application offers a central resource for tracking breast cancer patients through their diagnosis, treatment and beyond their survivorship. Mclaren Northern Michigan highly recommends.

Rita MillerRN, Patient NavigatorMclaren Northern Michigan Hospital

I’ve used Medical Concierge Navigation software for over five years. Very user-friendly, developed with nurse navigators input. They’ve been forward-thinking when trying to keep up with standard requirements (Barriers, Distress, Survivorship). It’s easy to make your own changes. I made a few additions to track my Low Dose CT scan patients. We created an online survey so the community could review our website to see if they met the High criteria. They are automatically loaded into the system to contact / follow.

Wendy BallouCancer Nurse NavigatorGenesis HealthCare System, Cancer Care CenterDavenport, Iowa

I simply don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have this software program. When you have a couple hundred active patients on your case load at any given time that you are responsible for following up with, it’s absolutely necessary to have a way to stay organized.

Amy FitzgibbonOncology Nurse NavigatorGenesis Cancer Care Institute


Medical Concierge Navigator

How can a patient fill out a Distress Survey?

There are multiple ways to complete Distress Surveys. Patients may fill out surveys online, through the patient portal, tablet or paper. A paper version of the survey can be printed directly from the program.

A patient calls at 10 p.m. on a Saturday, can I use the program from my home computer?

Absolutely. The site can be accessed from any internet capable device.

Do you have anything that lets me look at an overview of the patient?

Our Care Summary (located in our Survivorship section) will outline patient data into one document for you to review, save, email, or print.

Can reports be printed?

Reports can be printed directly from the program by clicking the Print button after running a report or by exporting a report and printing from your spreadsheet program. You may manipulate reports and create graphs and charts through your spreadsheet programs before printing.

If I need assistance, how do we reach you?

Our Help Desk is available Monday-Friday from 8 am- 5pm CST by calling 563-884-4367 Mountain and Pacific users email to j.denney@healthcareoss.com

What are the hidden fees when purchasing?

None! Set up and training is all included in the license fee. Everything viewed in the demo is part of your program for no additional charge. Customizations to change the program at a programming level will be subject to a fee and will be quoted to user before customizations will be made.

Does something need to be downloaded on my computer before I can start using Medical Concierge Navigator?

No, Medical Concierge Navigator is a web-based application. Users have their own secure web address accessible through an Internet browser. Little to no IT help is needed to set up the program.

Does this program communicate with other programs so we don’t have to enter data in multiple locations?

Yes! We have a number of interface options available including standard HL7, XML or a custom interface. The standard interfaces integrate patient demographics, diagnoses and insurance information from your current software system (EHR, Database, etc) directly into Medical Concierge Navigator.

Can I see/share another navigator’s patients/notes?

Absolutely! MC Nav makes allows users to share patients and notes with other users to improve communication between staff and minimize the number of calls you make and emails you need to send! Stay in touch through the patient’s file with all MC Nav users.

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